About the Cuvée Room

Rooms created with a Champagne Maison
Cuvée Room

Guest rooms are located on floors four to fourteen, with one room per floor, totaling eleven rooms. Each room features a luxurious “Semi-open-air Infinity Bath” and everything in the rooms is one-of-a-kind and filled with the thoughts of each Champagne Maison. All eleven rooms are distinct “Cuvée Rooms” of their own. Furthermore, you will be greeted with a special bottle of Champagne carefully selected by the Maison of the room. Our guest rooms offer an unparalleled Champagne experience, providing the opportunity to fully immerse in Champagne culture and savor the greatness of Champagne that can only be found here.

Champagne Maison List

Common Things

A space filled with the essence of the Chamapagne Maison’s aspirations, allowing you to experience Champagne through all five senses.

Every item in the guest rooms is a unique thing of the Maison’s dedication. With eleven distinct rooms, each is an individual Cuvée Room, from the moment you step in, you can immerse yourself in the Champagne world, the history of each Champagne Maison, and its culture. (※The perspective drawing is an illustration.)

Welcoming our guests with a bottle of special Champagne from each Champagne Maison.

A special bottle of Champagne selected by each Chamapgne Maison will be served in each room, such as “La Grande Annee 2014” in the Bollinger Room and “Blanc des Millenaires 2007” in the Charles Heidsieck Room. For details, please see the details page of each room.
*Cuvée vintages are subject to change without notice.

One room per floor, totaling eleven rooms. Each room features a luxurious “Semi-open-air Infinity Bath”.

The hotel has a total of eleven rooms, one on each floor. All rooms are luxuriously equipped with a “Semi-open-air Infinity Bath”. Relax in the “Semi-open-air Infinity Bath”, that you can enjoy with the window open and it is always filled with hot water and kept at the optimum temperature.

From “Bread, Espresson &”
We deliver thier special bread

After enjoying the champagne to your heart’s content, how about an elegant French morning with “Bread, Espresso &” ‘s special bread? The room is equipped with a Balmuda microwave oven and a coffee machine, and you can enjoy it whenever you like.
*Bread is prepared only with the breakfast inclusive plan.

Wine Cellar line-up Unified at each Cuvée Room’s Champagne Maison

All rooms are equipped with built-in cellars. The lineup is unified by the maison of the cuvée room where you stay. Please look forward to the rare champagne that is difficult to obtain in the market on some days.

Together with Champagne Maison
Aiming for a sustainable hotel

Each Maison in the Champagne region of France is actively engaged in sustainable viticulture and champagne production, and is committed to protecting the land and biodiversity. In our hotels, we are also trying to select items that are conscious of sustainability, reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, and take various other environmentally friendly initiatives.

Room Facilities

Room fixtures

  • coffee machine
  • toaster oven
  • kettle
  • wine cellar
  • hair dryer
  • humidifier
  • tableware / silverware
  • glasses
  • nightwear
  • bathrobe
  • amenity set
  • safe, etc.

Rental equipment

  • Ice bucket
  • charger
  • transformer (100V to 240V compatible)
  • straight hair iron
  • curl hair iron
  • massage gun
  • low-resilience pillow
  • steam iron
  • ironing board
  • nail clippers
  • wheelchair
  • sewing set
  • contact lens storage solution
  • Board game (chess), etc.


We are a lifestyle brand that promotes regional revitalization in the field of beauty and develops sustainable products by upcycling white grape skins that are discarded when producing wine from Yoichi, Hokkaido. Enjoy an extraordinary experience created by the harmonious combination of sophisticated urbanism and the charm of each region and space.

Request to Our Guests

We are afraid to inform you that we do not allow children under the age of 13 to stay at our hotel. In addition, in order for our guests to enjoy Champagne with peace of mind, we strictly prohibit guests under the age of 20 from staying alone.”